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Omwave helps Household connected objects to interact with humans.

The connected home is now a reality thanks to the coming of two revolutions:

  • The widespread use of smartphones.
  • The wireless connection inside the home (Wi-Fi).

Household objects multiply to improve comfort, safety, energy management, health and communication between members of the household. For this, they must be designed and developed in a simple and intuitive way, to find their place in the service of each and every one, regardless of their appetite or control over technology. Our ambition is to put an increasing number of connected objects in the service of all, thanks to suitable tools and interfaces.

Omwave provides "remote controls" for the house of tomorrow.

Omwave is a consulting firm specializing in connected home automation: we put our knowledge and expertise in machine-to-machine technologies to design and develop remotely controlled objects for mobile phones, or any other suitable kind of controller.